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» Modello uomo HS15+ Base in pelle ultra-sottile, trasparante e con Lace Frontale New Times Hair

  Costruzione base  Pelle supe …

» SI-I: Impianto Capillare Capelli Innestati in Silicone

Silicon skin base with injected hair all over, without knots on skin base, offering invisible appearance. Single strands of hair are injected by hand into the skin base.

» HS4 Impianto Capillare in Super fine mono PU sul bordo e Lace Frontale

Super fine monofilament base with1”PU coat edge all around, and with 1/4”French lace front

» NTW6:Parrucca in Fine Mono con Lace Francese Frontale e Perimetro in Pelle Sottile

Full wig of fine mono base, with thin skin perimeter all around and ear to ear extending behind crown, French lace on front.