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» Modello uomo HS15+ Base in pelle ultra-sottile, trasparante e con Lace Frontale New Times Hair

  Costruzione base  Pelle supe …

» NTW6:Parrucca in Fine Mono con Lace Francese Frontale e Perimetro in Pelle Sottile

Full wig of fine mono base, with thin skin perimeter all around and ear to ear extending behind crown, French lace on front.

» HS22:Toupet Pelle Sottile con 1/4″ di fine welded mono lace frontale con scallop

Transparent thin skin base with 1/4″ fine welded mono lace front edge with scallop, offering invisible front hairline appearance.

» HS8:Toupet da Uomo in Lace Francese Rivestimento in Poly sul bordo e sul retro

French lace base with double layer lace front, single layer lace at hairline, hand-sewn stitching for extra durability. 1″ thin layer of poly coating is sealed on back and sides.

» HS18:Parrucca Integrazione Capelli Rete in Poliestere Mono area Frontale

Polyester line net base of 1/2″ hole size with fine mono on front top, Integration model